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Automotive Services We offer in Clarksville and Jeffersonville, IN

We know that the process of repairing your car can be tedious, so at Used Tire Warehouse, we try to ease the stress by educating our customers with comprehensive information as to why the repair is required, how the component failure occurred, and what preventative maintenance measures can be taken to prolong the success of the repair and avoid failure in the future.
Our ASE-certified technicians have been trained to diagnose and repair broken or faulty component of your vehicle including the heating and cooling, brake, steering and suspension systems and more. Whether is ya a a broken belt, leaky hose or whatever the case may be, we will do the job right, keep you informed and get you safely back on the road.
Some of the Services We provide include:
Mechanic holding and checking car wheel — Used tires in Clarksville, IN

New and Used Tires

With over 10,000 new and used tires in our shop, we have the right tire for you ranging from like-new condition to 50% or more thread for your car, truck or SUV. Our brands include like BF Goodrich, Michelin, Kelly Springfield, and more.
Tire Machine — New Tires in Clarksville, IN

New Rim Sales and Service

We offer an array of the best rims in the Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY area. When you purchase you rims, we are able to install them as well. Stop in our showroom and see what we have to offer
Fresh motor oil — Oil Changes in Clarksville, IN

Speedy Oil Change

Over time, engine oil breaks down and collects dirt, reducing its effectiveness in keeping your engine cool and running smoothly. Have us to handle of all of your oil change needs
Maintenance fixing and repair front disc brake — Brakes in Clarksville, IN

New Brakes and Inspection

When it comes to vehicle safety, nothing is more critical than maintaining your brakes in good working order. Same-day brake service and repairs, done right the first time.
Car mechanic changing tire — Alignments in Clarksville, IN

Wheel Alignment

Bad roads can be your wheels' worst enemy. If you drive down poorly maintained roads, drive through pot holes, or even hit a curb, your alignment can be greatly affected. This can cause even the slightest, tiniest alignment issue, which can accelerate uneven tire wear. Your tires and your wallet will thank you later.
Mechanic changing wheel of a modern car — Tires in Clarksville, IN

Tire Repair and Service

Your Tires take all the beating when you are all the road and deal with all the elements such as potholes, broken glass, nails, screws and anything else that can puncture a tire. Our aim is to make sure that when anything happens, to your tires we will fix it promptly!
Trailer Wheels— New Tires in Clarksville, IN

Truck and Trailer Tires

Call or stop in to see the best offer on Tires for Tractors and and Trucks anywhere.
Mechanic working on car — Mechanic in Clarksville, IN

Auto Diagnostic

Having problems with your car or truck? bring it to us and we'll check it out, give you a list of options how to fix. We can also run a check to see any potential problems.
Auto mechanic service and repair — Alignments in Clarksville, IN

Auto Repair

No matter what is wrong with your car or truck. We can diagnose and repair any problem you may have. No matter how bir or small the job is.

Auto Repair Financing in Clarksville and Jeffersonville, IN

Vehicle repairs dont come cheap, and we know that sometimes it can be an unexpected expense. So whether you need new tires, wheels or even expensive work performed on your vehicle, We have a variety of Financing options to fit your budget and get you back on the road again.
Come on in and ask about how we can help with your car!
Vehicle Maintenance — Mechanic in Clarksville, IN
We offer a full range of Trucks Tires and repairs including:
  • Medium & Heavy-duty trucks
  • New and used tires
  • Brake repair
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Engines
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Fleet maintenance & repair
  • Electrical
  • Heating & cooling
  • Oil change & lube
  • Air conditioning
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Serving all makes of trucks
  • Parts
  • Differential/transaxle work
  • Fuel injection work